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Jumping Jacks Agility
Welcome to Jumping Jacks Agility. Our shows have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and are great fun for you and your dog

For more info contact:

Summer 2024 Agility schedules
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Summer 2024 Hoopers schedules
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Redhill Show 2 Running Orders
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Hoopers Show 2 Running Orders
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Help us to make your show run smoothly
Listen to Announcements
Walk the courses when called
Queue up and be ready to go
Know your running order number
Please offer HELP when required

Events & News
Sponsor a Dog League
Are you Interested in sponsoring one of our Dog of the Year dog leagues. If so please speak to Kate or Wendy Hooper who can provide more information.
Become a Judge


Would you like to ring manage or judge for Jumping Jacks shows?​

If you are interested then please send us an email or speak to us at the show.

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